Is Donald a Dalek?


Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

The shrill battle cry of the Daleks-Doctor Who’s most feared adversary-reverberates back at us though time itself. 

All the Daleks want is to get rid of every form of life that isn’t them. With their death ray gun sticks and mechanical eyestalks these ridiculous wheeled bullies rush towards us in a craze of sociopathic firepower. 

We all know what we did as kids when the Daleks were at their worst: we hid behind the sofa. We didn’t want them anywhere near us. This is because Davros, the leader of the Daleks, removed, at birth, any ability of his Daleks to feel pity, compassion or remorse. In removing any empathy, Davros created the ultimate vicious killing machine. 

The thing is that the Daleks have a secret. Like many who hide behind an aggressive armoured front they are not really what they seem. Inside the armoured outer shell hides a scared little creature. 

In the “Remembrance of the Daleks” the Doctor describes them as “little green blobs”. The truth is that behind the armour and weapons they are a bit pathetic. Behind all that bluff and frenzy there is just fear. The thing that scares them the most is being exposed; seen for what they are. 

In the story, Doctor Who is the only one who can deal with the Daleks. This is because he can see through them. Once you can see what they are they are not really a problem at all.

So, as we deal with harsher and harsher cries from the other side of the Atlantic does it help us to ask ourselves: Is Donald a Dalek?