From GDP to GFP

As I plan the next stretch of open water, between September and Christmas, there is one thing I have decided to focus on. That thing is GFP. 

GFP is Good For Planet. It’s a way of asking – should I do this or not? 

GFP is a measure of goodness not GDP grossness. It is not about money or quantifiable return. It is simply a question of whether this thing is good and in what way. GFP takes me away from everything always coming down to questions of money. 

Good is a question that asks me –  “How is what I am doing contributing to the planet rather than taking away from it?”

Unlike GDP,this is not about stuff – unless maybe I can maybe get rid of some of it – this is about finding creative solutions that don’t involve more stuff. It’s about using what’s already there better. 

“Planet” encompases everything living. It includes human life as a part and that is the point – we are part of the whole. I want to go back to the origin of the word “eco” – to its Greek origin “oikos” – the whole house – not my greedy bit of it.

That’s all – a simple, practical measure- controlled by the bit I control, me. 

What is the GFP of this thing I am about to do? 

One thought on “From GDP to GFP

  1. Nils Elmark

    love your project – i have a similar one – but different in the same way. I want more stuff in my life. I’m sick and tired of “digital stuff” – I want to write on my typewriter, get a new notebook and pen – make things with the wood I find on the beach – cook my own food – and read old fashioned newspapers again. Slow down and be authentic and present again.


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