About the book

The Power of Soft is written by Hilary Gallo.

Over the years negotiating multi-million pound deals as a lawyer, Hilary began to notice that tough, bullying behaviour rarely got him or his clients the outcomes they were looking for. Over the years he began to develop a new way of approaching negotiations – the power of soft – and soon found his work and home life getting richer.

In life and in business we often mask our inner vulnerability by adopting a hard, unwavering and ultimately ineffective approach. Instead, Hilary proves that our true power stems from drawing strength from our mental core and balancing that inner strength with a softer, more approachable front. He teaches us to see reality more clearly by looking past our judgments and preconceptions and to focus our energy on what we actually need to achieve.

What started as a negotiation tactic soon became a philosophy for life. Whether closing a business deal or trying to get your kids to bed, The Power of Soft is an elegant, holistic and – most of all – effective method to get what you need and still be kind. A key component here is that Hilary looks closely at power and explains how the soft power revolution is something we can all access – if we understand that dominant power, so present in the world, is a con-trick.

Hilary is a mix of poet and practitioner. He spent over 25 years in the world of technology and professional services at organisations such as Clifford Chance, EDS, Accenture and Capgemini; first as a lawyer, then as a negotiator of deals, lastly as a corporate fixer.

Eventually Hilary realised that his interest lay entirely in soft, people sized challenges. He qualified as a mediator and as a coach and now helps people and organisations who are all handling life’s great negotiation. He works with big organisations like the BBC, law firms like Fieldfisher and small but growing businesses like the publisher unbound.

He has also designed and facilitated leadership workshops for the London Business School, co-hosts a space ( Parenthesis ) for people to think in Spain, has created a scheme with primary school children to allow them mediate playground disputes themselves and works with in-house lawyers through LBC Wise Counsel. He is still very much learning and continues to pursue The Power of Soft because he’s on the journey too.