How to order

Through the unbound link you can order your own limited edition hardback of The Power of Soft directly from unbound (the publisher who also crowd-funded the book). The hardback is in three colours and is the same size as the paperback.

The best place to download the ebook is direct from unbound – its also included if you buy a hardback and you can have it in all formats – kindle, apple products and pdf. Unbound is a new way of connecting writers and readers and exists for all of us who love stories and writing.

The paperback retail version is in most bookshops in the UK – and many internationally. In some places it may need to be ordered. If in doubt, ask. Waterstones, Hatchards & WH Smith Travel all have stock.

Or get it from amazon here:

The Power of Soft: How to get what you want without being a ****